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Winter in the Park

by Betty Coors


  Greetings from Crater of Diamonds State Park! Visitation to the park is, of course, lower in the winter. School is in session, and families who don’t live close to the park are limited on the distances they can travel. Weather is another factor that often keeps visitors from enjoying the outdoors in winter.


  That means that the park staff have plenty of free time to watch videos on their computers and take naps, right? Actually, winter is a time when we prepare for the coming year! During this “low-visitation” season, our staff works in many areas to make sure the park is ready for the spring break “rush” we expect in March.


  Behind the scenes we are making park improvements and planning ahead for our visitors to have enjoyable and meaningful experiences. We are blessed with a talented and hardworking maintenance staff, which is responsible for many areas of the park. This time of year, maintenance works on major projects that would be nearly impossible to complete during higher visitation seasons and with other priorities competing for their time. They are currently in the process of repairing a ramp that leads to the lower level of the Diamond Discovery Center.


  In addition to this all-hands-on-deck venture, maintenance is also responsible for daily duties, like keeping the park grounds and facilities clean and safe. Other goals our maintenance staff has accomplished this winter include replacing a section of sidewalk, building a new rope barrier along the walkway to the Diamond Discovery Center, and completing maintenance on our rental pavilion. They often work in adverse weather to complete projects on time and are much appreciated for their role in helping the park run smoothly.


  Our park interpreters have also been planning for future activities, to ensure a fun and varied itinerary throughout the year. A few of our upcoming workshops and events include a movie night this spring, our ever-popular summer pool parties, and a dutch oven workshop in the fall.


  Each year we offer regular interpretive programs about the park’s history, geology, and diamonds for park visitors, as well as schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops and other organized groups visiting the Crater. Already this year a few groups have stopped by the park, including a college class from Arkansas Tech University and a film crew from Rocky Mountain Adventure Quest in Colorado, who filmed footage for an upcoming episode of a television show on PBS, called Hittin’ the Road.


  Don’t let the “slow” winter season fool you; we are busy getting ready for your visit! It is our goal that when you come to the Crater of Diamonds, your needs as a park visitor will be met in a professional manner. Whether those needs include finding the perfect souvenir in our gift shop, learning more about the park and diamonds from our first-contact staff, or getting the best equipment for your diamond search, we intend to assist you to the best of our ability. We are preparing for you and your family and hope to see you soon!


 Most recent significant precipitation: January 21, 2016


Diamond finds for the week of January 24, 2016 (100 points = 1 carat):


January 26 – Martha McAdams, Mountain View, MO, 4 pt. white, 6 pt. white, 6 pt. yellow; Adam Hardin, Murfreesboro, AR, 8 pt. white, 10 pt. white


January 27 – George Worthington, Concord, VT, 9 pt. white


January 28 – Martha McAdams, Mountain View, MO, 3 pt. white, 4 pt. brown; Adam Hardin, Murfreesboro, AR, 95 pt. white


January 29 – Martha McAdams, Mountain View, MO, 4 pt. white, 19 pt. yellow


January 30 – Kenny & Melissa Oliver, Rosston, AR, 14 pt. white


5th Annual Prospectors’ Gemboree set for June 20

by Waymon Cox


 Greetings from Crater of Diamonds State Park! Join us on Saturday, June 20 to celebrate diamond miners in Arkansas during the 5th Annual Prospectors’ Gemboree and 9th Annual Famous Crater Diamonds Exhibition. This cornerstone park event will feature games and activities for all ages, including our ever-popular Diamond Digging Contest, Diamond Toss, egg toss, relay race, and more fun! Pick up a complete game schedule at the park on the day of the event. More

54 diamonds found at Crater
in April

By Waymon Cox


   Greetings from Crater of Diamonds State Park! Last month, 34 visitors registered 54 diamonds at the Crater, making it the single most successful month for diamond finds since last October. More

2014 Diamonds in review

By Waymon Cox

     Greetings from Crater of Diamonds State Park! With 2015 underway, it’s time to look back at another fantastic year of diamond finds at the Crater. By the close of business on December 31, 585 diamonds had officially been registered in 2014, weighing a total of 121.02 carats. That’s 130 more diamonds and nearly 25 more carats than the total registered in 2013!

2014 was a good year

By Margi Jenks

 2014 was a good year, but it also in many ways an amazing year at the Crater of Diamonds State Park.  The number of visitors that came to the park was the most amazing circumstance.  The numbers are not all in for December, but the total by the end of November was 167,993 visitors.

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