Ace of Diamonds


Department Store specializing in Gifts, apparel and shoes, everything from work clothes to upscale unique fashions for the entire family.

Name brands such as:

  • NIKE
  • Florshiem
  • Skechers
  • Levis
  • Miss Me,
  • Grace in LA
  • Multiples
  • Ruby Rd
  • Tribal
  • Columbia

Hours: 9am-5pm

Business of the Month: March 2015

The March, Murfreesboro Chamber, Business of the Month is the Ace of Diamonds.  The store had an open house on March 13, with a sale of 10% off of everything in the store.  In addition they will be having their annual sidewalk sale soon.

The store was started in 1970 by Jane & Al Terrell providing the area with a quality place to shop for 45 years. However, the Terrell’s have been a part of the business community in Murfreesboro for many years since the days when Al’s grandfather was a partner in the purchase of the Murfreesboro Hardware Store.

When the Ace of Diamonds opened 45 years ago it had a different concept than it does today. At that time the store had a little bit of everything from nuts and bolts and paint to clothing and house wares.  Today the store has many items for sale, but the focus has shifted to gifts, apparel and shoes.  The store has everything from work clothes to upscale unique fashions.  The way people shop has also changed over the years as well. In times past people were very focused on what brand of clothing they purchased and wore, but today it isn’t so much what brand of clothing is available, but it is the “look” people are after.  Jane and her staff work to offer their customers the right look. However, some of the brands the store carries are NIKE, Florshiem, Skechers, Levi, Miss Me, Grace in LA, Multiples, Ruby Rd, Tribal, and Columbia.

If you take the time to wander around the store, there is a large selection of shoes and boots for men, women, and children as well as clothes for the whole family.  There are clothes for infants and children as well as a wide selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry and purses for women as well as work and dress clothes for men.  In addition the store offers gifts, frames, china and crystal for the home.  Name brands such as Fiesta ware and Mikasa crystal.

The Ace of Diamonds has a strong base of customers from this region coming from Texarkana, Hot Springs, Nashville, DeQueen, Glenwood, Dierks, Prescott and all the small towns in between. There are also many customers that visit the Crater of Diamonds mine regularly or have second homes at Lake Greeson or on the river that make a point of shopping at the Ace when they are in town.

Jane and her staff appreciate the customers that have shopped at the store and are loyal.  When an establishment has been in business for 45 years has been the staff gets to know the likes and dislikes of their customers, because of this, there are even times when purchases are made at market with certain customers in mind.

Jane  & Al Terrell are active members of the community and are very proud of all the businesses and stores in Murfreesboro, especially those around the square that help draw visitors to the community, because when people come to shop in a store like the Ace of Diamonds they will usually stop in to visit other stores in the area as well.  Stop and visit the Ace of Diamonds just off the “Square” here in Murfreesboro their hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.