Resources for Living in Murfreesboro

Living in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro has so many opportunities for living a peaceful life. Maybe you would like to own a business in a small bustling tourist town, or provide a service, or maybe you are just ready to slow down and enjoy some life. There are numerous homes available in Murfreesboro and the surrounding area. There are so many things to do and enjoy. Fishing, hunting, shopping, as well as diamond and crystal hunting. There are also numerous resident artists that enjoy the sunshine and good weather as well as numerous locations that are available to develop for studios and shops. Murfreesboro is also a great place to retire. It has a volunteering spirit and won the 2013 Volunteer Community of the Year.


Moving Trucks & Trailers

The Glass Shop: 870-845-2418


Radio Shack: 870-782-0019



Inside Murfreesboro City Limits


SWEPCO 888-216-3523


Centerpoint Energy 800-992-7552


City of Murfreesboro 870-285-2655

Outside Murfreesboro City Limits


Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative 888-216-3523
South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative 800-814-2931


Amerigas 870-867-3124
Ceba Gas Inc. Murfreesboro 870-285-2222
Russell LP GAS Co. Delight 870-379-2422
Gray’s Petroleum Inc. DeQueen 870-642-2234
Southern LP Gas Inc. Nashville 800-489-6595
Thrash Propane Service Inc. 870-356-3512

Rural Water

South Pike County Rural Water Assoc. 870-285-2257
North Pike County Rural Water Assoc.  870-398-6262

TV and Internet

Phone | Broadband Internet | Digital TV


Residential Customers 800-347-1991

Business Customers 800-843-9214

Digital TV

Dish TV 888-615-3725
DirecTV 888-338-4801

Post Office


The Murfreesboro Post Office is located at:

201 E. Main
Murfreesboro, AR 71958


For Post Office Boxes, or regulations regarding your mail box or setting up a new address stop and talk to the gals at the Post Office.

Local Post Office Website

Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration

If you are moving here from out of state you will need to get your vehicles assessed at the County Assessors Office in the Courthouse (870-285-3316). From there, you will go over to the Collector’s Office (870-285-3121).

Lastly, you have your paperwork in hand to get your new registration tags for your vehicles, which you can do at the Revenue Department Office on Kelly St., north of the Post Office (870-285-3590).

You will also change your Driver’s License at the Revenue Department. Click here for a list of the documentation you need to get your license if you are from out of state.